The Top 8 Virtual reality industries

Virtual reality becomes a large technology and starting to dominate a lot of industries, through many uses in each field, so there are a lot of virtual reality industries and uses we can think of in this moment.

Read more about the benefits and advantages of virtual reality , in the article we have made.

Through our research In virtual reality industries and applications we’ve come across a huge amount of information’s so we’ve selected interesting ones.

Here we share with you the top 8 virtual reality industries with details and application besides their uses and advantages in our daily life :

Top Virtual reality industries list :

Military :

The virtual reality idea comes from the pilot simulation (check the post for more details), the milatry use the virtual reality in their training to give the pilot or the soldier the full image and allow them to be in the situation and chose the environment and places needed to train and increase their reactions speed.

The application may protect the trainee and give him the full image and situation to practice more safely and economize resources/reduction of training costs.

Some applications: flight and vehicle simulations, battlefield simulations …

VR in military

Medical :

The VR uses in the medical field are dedicated to student , in their training and practicing sessions they can uses VR to see inside the human body (simulations), month or head and practice their operations easily, without the need to real human for doing simulations and the put the patient life in danger or to stay just learning with practicing.

The virtual reality in this sector developed quickly thanks to scientists and their researches done to improve health technology every day and offer the human and animal health a good care and the best of comfort needed.

VR in health

Creation industry :

The virtual reality allows the companies to simulate their product firstly and test them to see their performance before manufacturing or assemble the products. Besides coming up with new and creative ideas before the product lunch.

Thus, allow the business to forecast trends and determine the performance of their products beforehand.

Engineers can test and see by virtual reality products plug into a whole system the product and doing test such as safety, stancity, sound effects, metal resistance, waterproof and others tests.

VR in industry

Sport :

The vr technology has more help for the sports industry for both business and public or viewers. Through systems to measures player performance and perform more physical and psychological tests to enhance the practice level and do better results.

In the other side for business and clubs, the vr give more advantages in advertising and sponsoring. More space and efficient ads placement so more benefits.

Without forget how we could see live matches with VR technology and how amazing to be in the pitch aside the players and see how’s the situation there :D.

VR in sports / Basketball

 Education :

The vr technology adopted also in the education and how could we teach our children’s and give more advantages to students to prepare them for next challenges and to be able to explore knowledge through practice.

See 3D dimensions, explore museums, taking tours in solar system and going back to different eras.

Another point is about the students with special needs whom benefit also from numerous advantages, the virtual reality give them a huge benefits : taking tours around every place in the world, besides a company called “Floreo”  has developed scenarios that help children to learn and practice skills such as pointing, making eye contact and building social connections. Parents can also follow along and interact by using a linked tablet.

VR in education

Business :

The world of business got also a part of virtual reality benefits by holding meetings with people in various locations in the world, connecting to others just they sit by your side it’s amazing especially in management side and how you could feel just you are in the same place.

For remote jobs, freelancers or employees could communicate easily with more than just a sound and a normal video to communicate as they are working next to you and feeling them.

VR in business and career

Gaming :

Her ewe get virtual reality available for public, in the gaming many products and technologies lunching every months, begin with wirtual reality headseats those were released for gaming in end of 1990s , iGlasses, Cybermaxx, and now Oculus Rift ,Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR dominate the gaming industry with their big inventions and vr quality products.

VR in gaming

Cinema and Music:

From the beginning of VR media, films, music and especially cinema got invested in big movies and cartoons to insert the technology on.

Avatar, Matrix, Dead pool, Spider man … and the list in long, all those and others movies have an amazing vr side view, offer the public and amazing experience to live inside the movie and how interact with actions.

VR in movies

Conclusions :

In this article we just share the interesting and virtual reality industries we think that are helpful, even applications and industries are various, check more on this video below.

Thanks for reading and reacting :D.

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